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Everyday Bouquets 



Nothing says love like roses! Always a sure stunner! Embellished with greens and filler flowers. 

One Dozen – $70

Half Dozen – $40


For The Love of Lilies

Lilies are the star of the show! Accented with greens and fillers.

Starting at $40

Mums the Word

An abundance of mums! Great long lasting flowers! Full and fresh!


Starting at $30

Basket O’Blooms

A lovely assortment of seasonal flowers bursting out of a basket! Makes an adorable and portable gift! 

Starting at $25

Tell ‘em with Tulips!

A sign of spring! A sweet little arrangement showcasing tender tulips! Embellished with other spring colors. 

Starting at $30


You’re my Sunflower

The flower that makes everyone smile! Big bright sunflowers accented with other fun flowers and fillers. 

Starting at $40 


What in Carnations?! 

An assortment of hardy, long lasting carnations! Available in a wide range of colors!


Starting at $25


Designer’s Choice

Let the florist take the reins on this one! For those who are unsure about exactly what they want, this option allows the designer to show off their artistic skill! 

Starting at $35


Sympathy Arrangements 


Happy Healing Bouquet

Assortment of comforting florals sure to make anyone feel better.

Starting at $30


My Condolences 

Send your sympathies with comforting flowers. Traditionally arranged with white florals to symbolize “I’m sorry”.
Flowers and colors can be customized.

Starting at $50


Remember Me Bouquet

Made to honor a loved one at their service. Can be customized with flowers that help us remember them most.

Starting at $50


Standing Spray

A firework of flowers made to stand tall at a service. Bold and beautiful spray can be customized to any flowers or colors that honor your loved one. 


Starting at $125


Casket Spray

Make a memorable service for your loved one. Made to straddle a casket.
Can be customized with flowers that remind us of those who passed. 


Starting at $125

Event Arrangements 



A string of florals made to adorn a doorway, arch, table, railings and more! Great way to dress up any space!


 Simply green starting at $100

 Full of flowers starting at $150



Sits low to show off your table and allow conversations with your guest but is still the center of attention!


Starting at $20


A hangable arrangement! Adorn your doorway or anywhere you want a beautiful circle of flowers. Make every season wreath season! 

Starting at $60


Celebration Bouquets


Bursting with Joy Bouquet 

Bright beautiful colors in this arrangement will make you feel like celebrating!

Starting at $50


New Born Bouquet

Welcome a new born baby with a bundle of flowers! Gender themed flowers accented with baby’s breath!


Starting at $30


Birthday Cake of Blooms

A floral cake that looks good enough to eat! Approximately 8’’ and 20 cm in diameter. Colors can be customized. 

Starting at $60


Wearable Flowers


Flower Crown 

Bold and beautiful floral headgear! Walk around looking like the flower Queen/ King that you are!

Simply green $25

Full floral $40


 Wrist Corsage 

 A bracelet of blooms!

Starting at $20


Flower Brimmed Hats

Adorn your favorite hat with flowers! Can be made custom with fresh or dried flowers and foliage. Or pick from my collection!

Starting at $45


Botanical Gifts


Floral Smudge Stick 
Aromatic herbs that clear your airways and the energy around you!
Made with sustainably grown white sage, mullien leaf, lavender, and rose.

Eucalyptus Bundles  

Meant to hang in your shower! The essential oils of Eucalyptus help open your airways and relieve tension!




Fresh seasonal flowers delivered on schedule!
Great option for the office, restaurant, business space or anywhere you’d like a constant flow of flowers!


Prices vary depending upon what is in stock/season.


Wedding flowers

All weddings are as unique as your love! Let me help make you make your special day as beautiful as can be! Tell me all your wedding flower fantasies!

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